Holidays in Tuscany

Emanuela Bulli

What to see and where to go in Tuscany

Are you thinking about your next holidays in Tuscany? Do you know that many different activities can be done in Tuscany but are you afraid of getting lost in this ocean of opportunities? Here I am! I can help you organizing and providing the excursions you would like to do during your holidays in Tuscany.

I am a professional tour guide since 2010, Your Tuscan Holiday is my individual company, and I organize and provide guided tours in the territory of Tuscany but with a particular specialization in Florence and Siena. Florence is my city, where I was born and raised and where I live so if you want to discover Florence with a special local guide, I can help you. On the other hand, I have loved Siena since the first glaze and I am always glad to illustrate its beauties, its traditions, its land full of authentic flavors and smells.


In Florence, you can stay a day, a week or a lifetime and there will always be something new to see and know. A visit to Florence must be included in your holidays in Tuscany. The city is small but at every step, it hides a treasure. Florence is a must-see for lovers of art, history, architecture, music, tasty food: in a few square kilometers, there are masterpieces being world cultural heritage. Who has never heard of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi, Dante Alighieri, Galileo Galilei, the Italian Opera, the Italian garden, the gelato? Even if you don't particularly like museums and galleries, in Florence you will certainly find something to enjoy: shopping, cooking lessons, sports, tastings, concerts. That's why Florence must be the starting point for holidays in Tuscany.


If during your holidays in Tuscany you want to immerse yourself in the Middle Ages, the courteous one made of Ladies and Knights, tenzoni and stornelli, bloody battles and strong flavors, Siena awaits you. In the world, Siena is the city of the Palio but to understand what Palio really is and what it means for the Sienese people it is necessary to know their city and their millennial history. Siena is the city of the first hospital in the world for "foreigners". The main square of Siena is neither round nor square but shell shaped: unique in the world. Siena Cathedral is a summa of art history ranging from Romanesque to contemporary. The Palazzo Pubblico of Siena preserves on its walls a warning on how to govern our States: the Good Government and the Bad Government. Siena is a city of saints and heretics. Siena is a city of contrasts, a city divided into 17 "republics" inside but which then compact and united struggles for the preservation of its identity. Siena must be one of your stops during your holidays in Tuscany.
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Your holidays in Tuscany

And then all around there is Tuscany. Tuscany is not just an Italian region, it is a place of the heart.

Art cities, sea, mountains, spas

Your holidays in Tuscany will be unforgettable only if you open your heart and let yourself be invaded by the Beauty of Tuscany: cities of art, hills, sea, mountains, spas, natural parks, food and wine.

Sunny and colorful land

Here you can find everything you are looking for because your holidays in Tuscany will be the first of a long series. People always return to Tuscany!

Guided tours in Tuscany

Here you will find itineraries that you can do during your holidays in Tuscany: outdoor itineraries, museums, and galleries, thematic visits, walks, food tours. Together we can think of others because my visits are always designed for the specific needs of the traveler.

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Private guided tours

My guided tours are private and exclusive, which means that during the guided tour you and your family or friends on vacation in Tuscany will be alone and I will be at your disposal for the time we decide together.

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Luxury tours

I have no established meeting times and places, nor do I have any set itineraries: if you have booked a walking tour of the city and then change your mind and want to visit some museums, you can do it (compatibly with the specific conditions of the moment).

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Unusual itineraries

This is because you must enjoy your holidays in Tuscany to the fullest and I must feel free to choose the most beautiful way to show you my country.

Images from Tuscany

Emotions of a vacation

Tuscany is a land of infinite suggestions, a coffer of historical treasures unique in the world: it is rich in art cities and small picturesque villages with an immense cultural heritage, but it is also extraordinary for its bewitching panoramas made of bucolic countryside and gentle hills.

Your holidays in Tuscany

Tuscany is not only an Italian region, it’s a place of the heart