Thematic itineraries in Florence

During your stay, you can have many experiences and among them, you can think of various thematic itineraries in Florence.

Florence: themed itineraries

Here you find an example of the many thematic itineraries that can be done in Florence. This itinerary is dedicated to power in Florence, religious power and civil power. The two symbolic places of these powers are respectively the Duomo and the Palazzo della Signoria, for this reason, this thematic itinerary in Florence begins with a visit to the religious center of the city.

In a not too large square, there are very important monuments starting from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, designed to be the largest in the world, as a symbol of city power and the Florentine church.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The construction of the current cathedral dates back to the end of the thirteenth century, precisely at the time when the Florentine Republic was reaching the peak of its economic, political and cultural power.

The construction of the Сathedral

The construction of the cathedral occupies the whole of the XIV century and ends in the following century, in full Renaissance.

The Dome

The construction of the dome was an unprecedented engineering work and on which the debate is still alive. Thanks to the thematic itineraries that can be carried out in Florence, one can think of an in-depth study on the construction of the dome with the opportunity to climb up to the dome and touch with your hands this miracle of technique and art dating back from 600 years ago.

thematic itineraries florence

The Duomo museum

Our thematic itinerary continues with a visit to the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, recently renovated and designed for every need of the public: the Museum preserves masterpieces of Florentine art of all time.

To give some examples, in the Museum there is the reconstruction of the Arnolfian facade of the cathedral, the original doors of the Baptistery recently and carefully restored, including the famous Paradise Gate by Lorenzo Ghiberti. The museum houses works by Donatello, Luca della Robbia, the original wooden model of the dome made by Brunelleschi, some of the tools used during construction. Last but not least, the Pietà that Michelangelo had thought of for his tomb and that was never completed

thematic itineraries florence

From religious to civic power

Our thematic itinerary in Florence dedicated to power continues inside the Baptistery of San Giovanni, il mio Bel San Giovanni, as Dante Alighieri called it, Dante was baptized here too. A rare and amazing example of Romanesque architecture in which we will be overwhelmed by the emotion of admiring the mosaics of the dome. Many thematic itineraries in Florence can be thought of, this one dedicated to power continues to the discovery of civic power, that is of Palazzo della Signoria, also known as Palazzo Vecchio. The two places of power in Florence are connected by via dei Calzaioli which we walk until we reach Piazza della Signoria, an open-air museum that concentrates centuries of art and architecture history. The original Palace, from the end of the 13th century, has the appearance of a fortress and was the place where the Priors of the Republic met to govern the city.

thematic itineraries florence

Old Palace

Over the centuries, the Palace has had many illustrious tenants and during this thematic itinerary dedicated to power in Florence, we will get to know them all. The interior of the Palace preserves the apartments of Duke Cosimo and his magnificent bride Eleonora of Toledo, the Salone dei Cinquecento, an immense hall where the representatives of the Republic met and which now takes your breath away for its magnificence and grandeur. Walking through the corridors and halls of the Palazzo della Signoria you will experience the civic power of Florence and its larger families, such as that of the Medici. Other thematic itineraries in Florence can be dedicated, for example, to the Medici family, life in the Middle Ages with a visit to the Dante district, architecture, sculpture, the Florentine Madonnas, gardens and court life. Contact me for other thematic itineraries in Florence that you cannot find published in these pages and we will think about them together.

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