Wine and Food tour in Chianti

The main protagonist is Chianti wine: during the wine and food tour we will learn to recognize it.

A tour in Chianti: wine and food

Tuscany is a region rich in history, traditions, cities of art and ... excellent wine! Here I propose a food and wine tour of Chianti to enjoy both the historical and artistic heritage and the culinary and wine heritage.

Chianti represents the green heart of Tuscany, it is located between the provinces of Florence and Siena and for centuries it has been the subject of conflicts between the two cities since both wanted to have exclusive dominion over the territory. Now when you say "Chianti" you immediately think of wine and with the food and wine tour of Chianti, I propose you to discover the "nectar of the gods" but also the gastronomic tradition of the region and the historical-artistic heritage. Thanks to this tour in Chianti, various interests can be reconciled, it is not a tour only for those who love wine but it is a tour for those who love the good lifestyle.

The planning of the tour in Chianti

Logistics will be agreed directly at the time of planning the tour. To get around in Chianti it is obviously necessary to have a car and, thanks to the collaboration of professional drivers, I can also take care of the organization of this aspect.

Duration of the tour: about 8 hours

If you have your car, we can set up the meeting place. Remember, however, that according to Italian law, those who are behind the wheel must not drink alcohol. The food and wine tour of Chianti usually lasts all day (about 8 hours) and can start from both Florence and Siena.

Chianti wine, a Tuscan excellence

The main protagonist of the day is Chianti wine: we will learn to recognize it, to taste it, we will visit some historical cellars where we will be explained the process of wine production, we will walk in the Sangiovese vineyards and we will know its history. We will also learn to combine wine with traditional Tuscan dishes and we will have to experience first-hand. The Chianti food and wine tour includes a typical lunch in a family-run winery or trattoria and we will relax with a good glass of wine, with a succulent dish and admiring the panorama of the Chianti hills.

wine food tour chianti

Extra virgin olive oil: “green gold”

Another protagonist of the day is the extra virgin olive oil, which in Chianti is produced in quantity and is of excellent quality. Green gold, a little spicy, with a little salt and garlic on a nice slice of Tuscan bread, better if roasted, was my snack when I was a child. And I still love it especially when it is the harvest time of the new oil. It is called "fettunta" and you can also try it during the Chianti food and wine tour. What are the typical dishes of this region? Tuscan cuisine is simple cuisine, with straightforward and authentic tastes, with genuine and seasonal ingredients. Soups, fresh pasta with meat or vegetable sauces, meat prepared in a thousand different ways, tasty cold cuts and cheeses, simple but tasty desserts; what do you prefer? On request, it is possible to combine the Chianti food and wine tour with a cooking class, during which we will learn to cook some traditional Tuscan dishes that you can then replicate at home with your friends.

The Chianti territory among castles and fortresses

Chianti is also a region of castles and fortresses. Being between Florence and Siena, the two States in the past fought for the supremacy of the territory and even today the Chianti hills are dotted with castles and fortresses that over the centuries have been transformed into wonderful country villas of the powerful Florentine and Sienese families.

Many of these families maintain their properties and are famous wine producers.

wine food tour chianti

Wine and Food Tour

During the Chianti food and wine tour, we will be able to visit some of these fabulous places but also some villages that have maintained the characteristics of the medieval villages: city walls, watchtowers, alleys, small squares, and breathtaking views.

wine food tour chianti

Medieval villages

Greve, Radda, Castellina, Gaiole, Panzano, Montefioralle are just some of the villages that can be visited during the Chianti tour and all have treasures to show.

wine food tour chianti

Squares, churches, museums

In these countries we will find squares with arcades, churches rich in artworks, civic museums, archaeological museums, small local craft shops, food shops where only Tuscan is spoken. An authentic world that you will fall in love with at first sight.

Your holidays in Tuscany

Tuscany is not only an Italian region, it’s a place of the heart