About me

guida turisticaMy name is Emanuela and I’m a professional qualified touristic Guide (License N° 089/2009). Florence is my city: I was born here, my family has lived in Florence for generations, and I have always lived and worked in Florence except for some brief or longer periods, during which I lived in several European Countries. I studied Foreign Languages at the University of Florence and then I earned a Ph.D. in Slavistic. I love Art in all its forms: from painting to music, from sculpture to dance, from architecture to cooking. For me it is a source of great gratification to pass on my love for my city to my guests. I studied Art History from primary school to secondary school and I am continually trying to bring my knowledge up-to-date. I may say that my job consists in translating: I give my voice to the city’s beauty so that it may delight not only the eyes but the other senses as well. One can experience the city’s visual beauty through eyesight, and the sounds and music of the city’s people through hearing. One smell the scents of the city and touch its millenary history, and one can taste the culinary history by trying the region’s simple but genuine traditional dishes.